About the Firm

Kallas Asset Management, ("KAM" ) is a Brazilian real estate investment manager established at the initiative of Kallas Incorporações e Construções ("Kallas SA" ), a 36 year-old development and construction firm based in São Paulo, Brazil.  

KAM conducts the capital management activities of Kallas SA and carries on its successful tradition of investing both proprietary and third-party capital into Brazilian real estate opportunities. 

KAM combines its market knowledge, proprietary non-public deal flow and trusted fiduciary experience towards impactful development, repositioning, construction and related transactions as it pursues situations where it can readily identify value creation in a predictable time frame and where its core competencies and competitive advantages translate into sustainable and attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.

Kallas Incorporações e Construções ("Kallas SA" ) is a family owned and operated real estate conglomerate with over 36 years of experience in the Brazilian market. The company has forged deep industry relationships over three decades with leading third-party capital providers, lenders, owners, brokers and builders in the Brazilian real estate market.

Kallas SA has acted as a trusted partner in numerous high-profile joint ventures and been responsible for investment management, project management, construction and ultimately the exits that have yielded exceptional returns across multiple macroeconomic, interest rate and real estate cycles. 

The Kallas management team has delivered more than 20,000 units over 7.5 million square meters and served over 70,000 Brazilian families. 

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