Kallas adheres to a results oriented culture that is built around transparency, trust and efficient execution. Our competitive edge stems from our expertise in negotiation, land acquisition, impactful development, construction and sales across all stages of the real estate cycle.


  • Unparalleled proprietary non-public deal flow
  • Extensive experience across numerous cycles
  • Valued relationships with lenders & legislators
  • Real-Time access to industry operations
  • Distinctive knowledge of cultural surroundings
  • Exceptional long-term track record
  • Award winning Developer and Asset Manager 

KAM follows an opportunistic mandate that seeks to have a developmental impact on the Brazilian economic and environmental ecosystem while delivering strong sustainable returns irrespective of market conditions.

Investment Variables:  

Location | Viability | Risk | Impact | Cost | Return 

  • Acquire assets at deep discounts 
  • Target assets where liquidity is restricted
  • Create value through impactful development
  • Reposition assets at or below replacement costs 
  • Source off-market deal flow 
  • Pursue strategic co-investments 
  • Identify optimal strategies in project conception 
  • Generate exceptional risk-adjusted returns