We love cities. Cities are the greatest manifestation of our unquenchable desire to learn, build, grow, congregate, and reproduce. 

In cities, we can fill up the stadiums to cheer our teams and take to the streets to denounce the government. In cities, we can search out our pleasures and vices, marvel at great art and architecture, and bemoan the ignoramuses whose tastes run counter to ours. In cities, depending on the corner we turn, we can run into the person of our dreams, that frustrating neighbor we look to avoid, or that friend we’ve been dying to see. We often berate our cities, but we can’t live without them. And though a city can be tough, when we meet the test of a great metropolis, somehow we take in its glamor and grandeur, we assume its mystique and status…and we walk taller. Who hasn’t noticed the pride of one who says, “I am a New Yorker,” “I am a Londoner,” “Je suis Parisien,” “Ich bin ein Berliner”? 

Therefore, believing that São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are on the brink of a renaissance, KAM is targeting these cities to stimulate an exciting period of restoration, construction, and progress, converting overlooked, underused, or poorly maintained property into healthy sources of revenue, either for sale or rent. 

But this is only part of our mission, KAM is proud to be in the vanguard of holistic and impactful development, which strives to transform communities into ideal environments by maximizing growth, providing jobs, culture, security and the amenities that guarantee a healthy and happy quality of life.